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As a member of the NE MN Beekeepers Association, you have access to a number of useful items. Among them are two honey extractors, multiple demonstration hives, a fair booth and numerous educational displays. As a new member I recall asking how you got on the list to use an extractor. The answer at that time was that you needed to find out who had it, and whether they had promised it to someone else when they were done. That was quite a challenge for someone who was new to the group and didn’t know everyone.

At it’s August Executive Board meeting, the decision was made to develop an online tool to help track club owned assets. As we grow in size, it becomes more apparent that we need to make it easier to schedule items to allow them to be used efficiently.

The end result of our discussion is a Club Calendar which is now available. Initially, Brian Kinzinger and Kris Papas have agreed to be points of contact for the two extractors. Once you have reviewed the calendar and have found an opening in the schedule that fits your needs, you can message either Kris or Brian through Facebook, email, or by using the Contact Us form on this site. They will confirm your request and put you on the calendar. It’s as easy as that!

Please take a moment to review this new tool. The data on it is current as of this posting. Both units have great availability after the weekend of 9/10-11. We have also left the comment feature active on this page. Click on reply if you would like to leave a suggestion or a comment or feel free to use the Contact Us form to give us feedback. Thanks!

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