For a limited time, our club is taking orders for Nucleus Hives to be delivered May 2nd.

These five frame NUCs are produced in Yuba City and Modesto California using open mated daughters of a premium New World Carniolan Queen. The NEMBA member priceĀ  for these NUCs will be $135 each, with a $20 deposit refundable on return of the wooden NUC box. This will be the fourth year that this breeder has been producing NUCs on a large scale, but the first year that they have been made available to us here in Minnesota.

NUCs are an ideal way for a new beekeeper to get started, or to expand your apiary. You just transfer the 5 NUC frames into an 8 or 10 frame deep and you have a growing colony with a laying queen and hatching brood on day 1. If you are interested, please use the Contact Us page to let us know that you are interested and how to contact you with additional details.

Orders will be accepted through March 1, 2017,or until our delivery quota has been filled.

Please click this link to download the printable order form